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Kickboxer 7 time glory worldchampion
testing D.B.T.A. 2.0

Robin van Roosmalen
A digital boxing trainer's assistant
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Robin van Roosmalen - Kickboxer

Improvement by measurement

Measure punch force

Measure punch force

Say goodbye to guessing and hello to measuring. Take the punch force. You can measure it from every possible direction.

Measure reaction time

Measure reaction time

Measure how fast a boxer reacts. Gain insight on how this reaction time is related to the punch force.

Analyze performance

Analyze performance

View well-designed visualizations and analyses to make a perfect training scheme. And with that, your performance.

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How DBTA works


Personal profile

Create a profile to save a boxer’s achievements in the system.

Analyze the


Performances are displayed in a well-designed overview.

Choose or create a


Choose a training to improve your reaction time, punch force or simulate a match. Or create one yourself.

Analyze your


Still making progress? The Muscle-Fit system immediately compares your current session with previous ones.

Start with


Immediate feedback is given on the boxer’s performance.

Save the history of

All boxers

In the database, all played sessions will be neatly saved.


Now also available as Lease option. Lease possibilities for the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany.