After a couple years of development, our engineers succeeded in developing a new patented technological measuring instrument. Muscle-Fit can be used by trainers, athletes and doctors to improve training sessions, to control athletes and to enhance medical rehabilitations. The system introduces a new dimension of possibilities for training sessions. For the first time, training sessions are no longer based upon assumptions, but on reliable measurements.


Muscle-Fit will be delivered as a complete software kit that helps boxers and trainers to analyze and organize training sessions. For this, a variety of training types and goals can be played. By analyzing the performance of a boxer, Muscle-Fit can be used to improve his progress. It is also possible to discover injuries in an early phase, which helps to recover in a responsible way. As you can see, the possibilities are endless.

Delivered as a complete kit


Equipped with solid metals and built-in sensors for accurate measurements.


A manual is provided to help you in using Muscle-Fit. If the manual doesn’t give enough support, feel free to contact us by phone.


The included computer is equipped with a large touchscreen and the newest version of our custom-built software.


The rack is used to ensure a stable placement of the pad. It also provides a convenient way of adjusting the height of the pad.


Download the manual to get a first expression about the DBTA.


DBTA 2.0

Pre-order now the latest version of Muscle-Fit and be the first one to use our newest technology and software.

  • Dimensions: H 122cm x W 89cm x D 48cm
Founder Muscle-Fit
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Ron Rovers
Founder Muscle-Fit
Netherland ,Belgium and France
National Teams the Netherlands and Belgium
Netherland ,Belgium and France
National Team France
Team France
National Team France
Ron RoversFounder Muscle-FitNational Teams the Netherlands and BelgiumNetherland ,Belgium and FranceTeam FranceNational Team France